An Idiosyncratic Catalogue of Pathways

of Body and Mind


190mm × 270mm • 152pp. SOFTCOVER • 2012



A pathway is more than

a connection between two places. Every pathway has its own function. It can be simply physical that is guiding a person through the natural or urban landscape. A pathway can relate to the spiritual and mythological world. Medicine men as well

as shamans undertake dangerous voyages to the netherworld. A pathway soaked in blood bears witness to human suffering in death camps and along fragile borderlines. Pathways are used as a medium in the art world to escape the framework of the gallery. The author of the book allows pathways to make a journey from a straight line to a circular terminal point with the intent to prove that pathways leave a trace on the surface of the earth and on the surface of the mind.



Kahil Janssens