210mm × 297mm • 80pp. BOOKLET • 2014


This book is a modest,

but visual dynamic

photo-essay of rural as well as urban organic architecture. The title covers such topics as Bedouin tents, homeless shelters to tin-and-thatch shacks. Indigenous people build light and easy to transport shelters to protect them from the elements. In warzones people exposed to violence and unremitting fighting have been forced from their permanent homes. They are living in desperate situations,

piled in emergency shelters. The economic collapse is driving millions of families out of their houses and into homeless shacks. The book is a sequenced publication of alternative dwellings: from tents made of flexible branches and woven blankets in the arid deserts to dilapidated makeshift ‘homes’ banged together from scrap metal, rotten wood and plastic bags in muddy clearings.



Kahil Janssens